Does Your Organization Promote Wellness?

How can you raise morale, renew enthusiasm, and increase productivity in your workplace?  Host a seminar with MaryAlyce Torpy!  Her seminars are based on cutting edge neuroscience and positive psychology.  They have been attended by thousands in the D.C. metro area and broadcast to United States Embassies throughout the Middle East and Africa.  Attendees will leave these seminars with practical, concrete tools that can be implemented immediately; cultivating the energy of change.

Seminar Topics Include the Following:

Put Insomnia to Rest!

Sleep is a cornerstone of wellness. The Journal of Sleep Medicine reports that employees suffering from insomnia are absent 8% more and experience reduced productivity 28.3% higher than those with healthy sleep patterns.  This seminar provides the keys to overcoming insomnia and calming the overactive mind!


Retrain the Brain and Reduce Stress

Over the past 15 years, the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology have discovered that not only do our brains operate in a state of ‘autopilot’ nearly 50% of the day, but they also have a built-in negative bias (great for survival, not so great for relaxation & rest). This workshop will provide you with an understanding of how the brain and body respond to stress or high threat situations. You will gain a means of identifying the brain’s negative basis and equally important, how to return to a balanced mindset when the stress or threat has passed.


Harnessing the Power of the Brain: Improving Memory & Concentration

In this fast paced world of tight deadlines, multitasking and constant distractions, the ability to focus, retain new information and quiet the mind for sleep can be challenging! Whether you are preparing executive reports, transitioning careers or trying to remember where you left your keys, this seminar is for you! This interactive seminar explores how the brain processes information and provides practical skills to sharpen focus, improve mental performance and calm the mind for rest and relaxation.